• Valid foreign driver’s license – and previous licenses, if you have them; if the license does not show the date of issue, or if the license was recently renewed, it may be necessary to submit additional documentation
  • Japanese translation of foreign license– available from the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) or (sometimes) at the embassy or consulate of the issuing country in Japan
  • Residence (Zairyu) Card - must have up-to-date address
  • Resident Certificate (Juminhyo) - issued within the past three months - must show Nationality.
  • Passport – and any expired passports; the passport is required to prove that you were in the country that issued your license for at least three months after you obtained your license
  • Photo – one photo, 3 x 2.4 cm; must be taken within the last six months
  • Previous Japanese license (if you have one)