H&R Group (Relo Japan) Acquires Orientations, Inc. Group
On July 8th 2016 the H&R Group acquired the Orientations Inc. Group. Founded in 1981 by Beverly Mayhew and headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA. The Orientations Inc. Group is a destination services provider to corporate clients in the Asia Pacific Region, where it has operations in 16 countries 
Internet Shopping in Japan - The Best Options
You are not going to get many complaints from me about living in Japan. I am generally pretty happy here. But I still prefer to use products and eat foods I am familiar with from my own country; decent peanut butter, for one thing. There are lots of products from back home that I
Bringing or Importing Medicines into Japan
Caution is required when bringing any kind of medicine into Japan. Many products that are commonly available over the counter elsewhere in the world are not approved for sale in Japan (examples include medicines that contain Pseudo-ephedrine, such as Actifed, Sudafed, and Vicks inhalers) and their import is strictly prohibited.
Summer Fireworks Festivals in Tokyo 2016
Fireworks and summer festivals summer in Japan are arguably the best part of summer here, with nights spent outside watching literally hours of explosions and enjoying the atmosphere of the festival, the food, and the company. Summer festivals are a rare chance for people to relax and unwind.
Nagoya Summer Fireworks Festivals 2016
For Brits like myself, fireworks displays conjure up memories of cold winter nights, huddling round bonfires and oohing and ahhing as both your breath and extremities freeze. While this is possible in Japan (link to my Gaijinpot piece), here fireworks festivals, or hanabi matsuri, are very much a summertime thing. Fireworks Festivals in Nagoya Hanabi
Myanmar Home Search
Myanmar Home Search is a comprehensive real estate company providing services to the expatriate community of Yangon and wider Myanmar.
Find Your Halloween Costume in Tokyo
Halloween is rapidly approaching so get your costume soon because leaving your costume to the last minute and dressing as an axe murderer, because they look just like you and me is not as clever as you think it is. Halloween was not really a thing in Japan previously, but recently they have been jumping on the ghoulish bandwagon, so if you plan to dress up for the festivities around town here are a few places to start looking for your costume.
Smart Census 2015 – Japanese National Population Census
The Japanese national population census is held once every 5 years. All households and people, including non-Japanese, living in Japan as of October 1st, 2015 are required by law to participate and be counted in the census. The census is used to clarify the demographic composition by sex, age, marital status, type of work, type of household, etc, in order to provide a clear picture of the population and demographics of Japan.
New social security and tax identification number system in Japan
My Number is what the new social security and tax identification number system in Japan is called. The new numbers will begin shipping to all registered residents, foreign and domestic, in October of 2015.The system will begin to require the individual number for administrative procedures related to social security, taxation, and disaster response in January of 2016. More tasks utilizing the system will follow as they are introduced.
Replace your Alien Registration Card by July 8!!
A reminder! This applies to all visa types, but only to cards issued pre July 2012. Anyone arriving after July 2012 has a residence card already. If anyone is confused simply look at the card. If it says "residence card" on it you are good to go!
Salsa Street and Caribbean eating in Tokyo
As the weather heats up in the city, what better way is there to celebrate the summer steam than with Salsa Street, the Caribbean and Latin American festival in Yoyogi park on June 20 and 21, 2015. There will be food and drinks – tacos, cerveza, rum – from all over the region, as well
Learning Japanese in Tokyo
One of the biggest challenges of integrating with Japanese society is the language barrier. The obvious recourse to this is to get practicing, but working in a predominantly English-speaking environment, thatfs easier said than done. As such, Japanese lessons are highly advisable for getting the full value of your time in Japan.There are various
The Redback Spider in Japan
The redback spider is dangerous, but unlikely to kill a healthy adult, even if the anti-venom is not administered. They are an invasive species and dangerous, especially to children, the elderly and anyone with a weakened immune system. Small pets (cat size) are likely to die if bitten and not given the anti-venom, for
Relocation services for companies or individuals in Tokyo
Relocation services for companies or individuals in Tokyo or throughout Japan. Relo Japan helps businesses relocate employees to Japan. Our team prides itself on providing the personalized support that makes any assignment to Japan a smooth and memorable experience.
Convert your foreign drivers license to a Japanese drivers license. Browse free tools and information! H&R Group clients recieve complete support converting their foreign drivers license to a Japanese drivers license (required by law if you are in Japan longer than 12 months and choose to drive).
English language bookshops in Tokyo
With the advent of e-readers and smartphones, getting your hands on English language literature in Japan isnt the challenge it once was. However, whether the book you are looking for isnt available online, or you just like the feel and smell of turning pages, sometimes you just have to hold the book in your hands.
The New iPhone Plans in Japan: Change is good
With their multilingual support, app selection, and usability, most foreigners in Japan have iPhones and pay a hefty sum every month to use them. At the end of this last summer, there was more than a bit of consternation caused by Softbanks retirement of their long popular White Plan. Other carriers followed suit ...
Increasing Food Security in Japan
Increasing Food Security in Japan Through Social Innovation -
Six Essential Apps for Living in Tokyo
Tuned in #Tokyo: Six Essential Apps for the Tokyoite - Living in Tokyo has never been easier! ^RP
Lease Japan offers an extensive selection of new and used cars for sale and lease.
Lease Japan offers an extensive selection of new and used cars for sale and lease, and car insurance assistance.  We also offer a wide selection of home furnishings and appliances for  rent..  With Lease Japan you can have your car, and home furnishings for exactly the amount of time you need them, and for less upfront cash than purchasing. ^RP